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Empowering women to own their personal and professional development by gaining new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors that generate self awareness, purposeful action, continuous learning and growth.

A business professional with 20+ years of Business & Leadership experience

That’s why Irene has developed women’s leadership and business coaching designed to develop the whole woman, to grow the whole leader. Coaching engagements are client-centered, authentic, purpose driven and confidential.

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Empowering women to develop and leverage their leadership abilities

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Leadership experience that grows your "whole person"

 Are you a woman who is confident, courageous, and compassionate with strengths and capabilities fit for leadership positions today? Women are rising into positions of leadership and are making significant changes in families, careers, businesses, and their communities. 

Leadership Strategies for Women

Are you a woman who wants to leverage her leadership abilities to pursue her lifelong dreams?

Are you ready to become the leader you were born to be by leveraging your leadership abilities, starting a business or changing careers?

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